A co-creative field for evolving women

A Time for Reflection

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The time of celebration was woven into a quieter place of reflection. Taking the collective story of Offerings thus far, we extended it out through our imaginations, intuitions, heart's callings. We spoke of our questions, revealed our doubts, confusions, trepidations. We came to a loving place of deeper inquiry around what Offerings needs, and what she is ready for at this time. What will best serve her so that she may continue to serve her community and her world? How will she live and thrive? Who will hold her in co-creation and growth? Who will be her partners? We spoke of Offerings' themes on Birthing and Money, reflecting on our own patterns around money, individually and collectively. What served, what didn't. And what true business model would bring Offerings further out into the world with health, vitality and vibrancy. Finally, we listened deeply inside and spoke of our 'weary warrior,' but also of a renewed commitment to stewarding Offerings' wellbeing and growth as we seek our right place in her co-creative field.


A Time for Celebration: Heralding the Story of Her Birth and Becoming: December 1, 2007, The Women's Building, San Francisco, California