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Three women business leaders engage in storytelling about their creative journeys and dialogue on the source of their passion, courage and commitment. The focus of their dialogue: How do women leaders create?

Creativity is a life force, an energy of pure potential that flows through all of us. It is deeply intimate and yet infinite, unique and universal. Everyone defines creativity differently, from the origination of ideas, to intentional change, to bringing form out of chaos. Perhaps it's life's longing for itself to be realized. (Lauralee Alben)

These women leaders cultivate creativity in powerful, positive, world-changing ways. Using film, television, and interactive media, they share a commitment to bring about social awareness in our youth, protection of human rights and creation of a future culture. Let's hear about the creations they are called to manifest and how they walk their creative paths.

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Our Host and Innerviewer

Lauralee AlbenLauralee Alben, President of Alben Design LLC, is a pioneer of the Creative Economy and consults with many of the world's most innovative organizations: Apple Computer, Procter & Gamble, Intel, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Lauralee conducts Sea Change Design Workshops and coaches executives in bringing about strategic solutions to challenges such as women's leadership, corporate innovation capability, sustainability, and human rights. Well respected as a thought leader, Lauralee is internationally acclaimed designer and speaker and gives keynotes to corporations, professional conferences, and academia, including the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in France, TED, DMI, SUN, and Stanford University. Lauralee received the inaugural Muriel Cooper Prize from the Design Management Institute and is one of I.D. Magazine's I.D. Forty: "one of the most influential people in design." She is currently working on a book called Designing Lives Worth Living.

Our Guests

Laurie MeadoffLaurie Meadoff, co-founder and President of Chat Ventures, formally NextNext Entertainment, a New York-based for-profit production company focusing on youth television programming, creates bridges to connect young people around the world through communication. She has executive produced programming for Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, ABC, HBO Family, MTV and VH1. Passionately envisioning a world without barriers and prejudice, Laurie strives to build these bridges through tolerance and understanding, and her primary tool of choice is dialogue.

For more than twenty years as an agent for social exchange, Laurie has garnered an international reputation as an ardent advocate for the voice of the young. NextNext Entertainment partnered with South Africa's Rapid Blue Productions to create the innovative television/web program, Chat the Planet - a conduit of conversation with diverse groups of young people around the globe via satellite. Fast becoming a global youth brand that is cool, hip, and authentic, Chat the Planet programs offer exposure to new ideas and encourage action at the local level. By taking advantage of current and advancing technologies and innovative television programming , Laurie Meadoff launched Chat Ventures in 2007, to brand Chat the Planet as a global youth dialogue company.

Chat the Planet

Hometown Baghdad

The CityKids Foundation

Alliance for a New Humanity

Cass WarnerCass Warner founded Warner Sisters in January 2003. As President, Cass is responsible for acquiring and developing projects for motion pictures, television and home video. Under Cass's guidance, each project seeks to "educate, entertain and enlighten" -- carrying on the original goal set forth by her grandfather, Harry Warner, president and co-founder of the Warner Bros. studio.

Growing up in Hollywood and on the studio lot inspired Cass to take every opportunity to learn about the film making process and the business of film making. The magic of watching this collaborative art was inspiring. Raised on a steady diet, she watched and apprenticed under her father, writer/producer Milton Sperling, twice nominated for an Academy Award for his films, which include The Sands of Iwo Jima, and The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell. Besides writing and developing screenplays, Cass authored the book on her family, Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Warner Brothers Story, now in its sixth printing. As a producer, she has developed a relationship with the current Warner Bros. studio who is joining with her to do a documentary on the studio's history.

Warner Sisters

Restoration of her family's original theater in New Castle, Pennsylvania

Citizens Commission for Human Rights, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforming the field of mental health

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